One may need an articulated truck to carry identity documents in Nigeria if they were all to be printed in hard copies. Yet a grueling session awaits anyone who for any reason, wants to process anything with any public department that would require comprehensive personal information. Our semi analogue and dysfunctional institutions put everyone through the grind, all the time, for basic things that should already exist in a digital pool:  

I live in Chibiri, an agrarian and rural community in one of the Area Councils of the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja. It is largely an indigenous Gwari community, but as elsewhere, it is now interspersed with many other Nigerian ethnic groups besides. It needs no restating that the Gwaris are historically part of the seven surrogate Hausa states that are spread across several states in the north of Nigeria, including Kaduna, Niger, Plateau, Kogi and the Federal Capital. They are mostly farmers and hunters by occupation and preoccupation; and renowned as a peaceable, sociable people.

My beloved countryman, it shall be the humble endeavour of this space to remind you and I, that we owe ourselves and mankind a duty to be positive forces because we are the ones who owe ourselves our happiness. We can fulfill this charge by being positive in the way we think, speak and act. For indeed we can change our lot by exuding goodness in thought, speech and action in the midst of so much social and economic strife. A good character and attitude are longer lasting values than coquetry and pretenses.

It is yet another season of dubious, gratuitous, ingratiating, and unsolicited generosity. In Nigeria, it is the season of the politician and politicians. They are literarily in heat, as it is their period of sowing wild and tamed oats across the land, in their conclaves and neighbourhoods. Never mind the sharp contrasts - the bare-knuckled poverty on the streets and corners which they ignore or pretend not to see.